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About Crafty Chics


a family affair

Our  Story

Crafty Chics Cottage Retreat is a place for women to come together and enjoy the simple pleasures of friendship and crafting.


The Retreat is a true family affair. It is owned and operated by Midlothian resident Kelly Varner and supported by her husband Gary (he did all the landscaping and maintains the home's beauty!). Their children, Garrett and Courtney, also made major contributions to the home: Garrett played a huge role in the home's construction, and Courtney, an interior design student, created the home's modern farmhouse design. From tile to flooring to countertops to the home furnishings, she made mom's vision come to life!.

The Varner family is always thrilled to welcome guests to the retreat and to extend their own special blend of Southern Hospitality.

Our Story

welcome to our dream

A Note from Kelly

Girls time is sacred time. But sometimes, it feels like nothing is harder than finding a way to spend quality time with your closest friends! That’s why I created Crafty Chics Cottage retreat.


I have countless cherished memories from years and years of creative trips and getaways, and after experiencing so many other retreats, I wanted to pay my joy forward, and open my own little slice of creative paradise.


The Cottage is a true labor of love, and it wouldn’t be been possible without my family. My husband Gary is a wonderful partner; our son Garrett actually helped build the home itself; and our daughter Courtney designed a comfy, stylish interior right out of a home magazine.


We’re thrilled to have you in our very special, family-built home. We hope you make some wonderful memories and some wonderful, crafty keepsakes.


Most of all, we hope you enjoy your time with your girls.

- Kelly Varner

y'all come back now

Rewards Program

Guests who stay with us six times will be automatically enrolled in our Champion Crafter program, and will be eligible to receive 50% off your next retreat. 


To make sure your trips are tracked, simply place your name, phone number and email on the Reward Program sheet in the Craft Studio’s “Welcome and Tips” binder. Once you have six visits on the books, we’ll be in touch about your discount!

Rewards Program

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