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The Retreat's custom-built Craft Studio is a wonderland of creative energy. Spread out over 1400 square feet, the Studio offers every crafter plenty of space to let their imagination run wild, and make the creative project of their dreams.

Each crafter gets her own workstation, which consists of a four-foot table and a six-foot table; a power supply, USB jacks, a deluxe office chair, and a dedicated cup holder, just for you.

And just for fun? The Studio also has two 65 inch flatscreen TV's hooked up to Dish and blue-ray/DVD players - in case you want to marathon your favorite chic flicks while you scrap and craft!

We've done our best to think of everything.

All you have to do is round up the girls and pick a weekend.

frequently asked questions

About the Studio

What kind of station does each lady get?

Each lady gets her own station, which consits of two tables; one four-foot table, and one-six foor table. Each station has four power outlets, its own USB jacks, its own big ol' comfy chair, and its own cup holder.

How big is the Craft Studio?

Real big! The Studio is 1400 square feet - it has 18 craft stations, so it can fit your entire party, with some room to spare.

Should I bring my own Cricut or sewing machine or other supplies?

We have a lot of crafting supplies here, but we always recommend bringing your own equipment, too. Our Studio offers a 24"x36" self healing cutting mat, a variety of scissors and punches, plenty of hot shots and dies, flannel project boards, a quilting cutting table, and one Cricut machine (with lots of Cartridges). We don't have a sewing machine, so bringing one along is good if it's needed for your project, and since our one Cricut machine can get busy, bringing additional models is usually a good idea.

Is there a craft store nearby?

Yes! There is a wonderful local crafting store about ten minutes from us called The Crafty Scrapper. They are incredible, and they will give you 10% off your purchases over the weekend of your stay.

Do you offer guided workshops, or can we craft on our own?

Every stay at Crafty Chics Cottage Retreat is self serve - meaning you are free to pursue your own creative passion! We supply the space and the tools, and from there, you call the shots. If you want to have a super seasoned crafter come in to lead a class though, we are happy to connect you with our friends at The Crafty Scrapper. They're pretty great, and they can show you how to make some really awesome projects.

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